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Let's go for a break!

Bek and Veggie fresh almond drink

Bek & Veggie is the solution you've been waiting for!

Our start-up was born from the Founder's desire to promote sustainable consumption and offer a plant-based alternative.

The opportunity for you to treat yourself with the 17% almonds in our products, while respecting our planet thanks to Made in France production.

Healthy combination & expertise

⚠️ ATTENTION Due to an error by our bottle supplier, the containers of our bek&veggie products are temporarily modified. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our usual bottles will be back within three weeks. We are grateful for your purchase and support.

  Naturellement bon

Les qualités du lait d'Amandes Bek & Veggie ? 

  • extra-frais

  • fait-maison  
  • sans additifs
Possible Bek & Veggie recipe
Bek & Veggie almond milk

Plant-based drink rich in
proteins & nutrients

“It’s the best almond milk I’ve ever had the chance to taste. thank you bek & veggie for this intensely flavorful recipe »


Take your taste buds on a journey

Homemade almond milk has become the great alternative to classic milk.

Compared to the latter, almond milk is lactose-free and full of protein without forgetting its creamy almond taste.

At Bek And Veggie, it's even better and you're just waiting for it!

Extra-fresh and 100% organic, it is the milk richest in almonds on the market with a 17% almond content in the bottle.

We think above all about your well-being and your health, which is why we offer you a product without any additives, without sunflower oil, without salt or sugar so that you can enjoy your milk with ease.

Bek And Veggie milk is made on request, in an eco-responsible way with only organic products in order to respect our planet and that of future generations.

Our drink accompanies you in your daily life, becoming your favorite partner for your culinary preparations thanks to the numerous sweet or savory recipes.

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