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In search of taste


en quête de goût !

The idea came to me from a personal desire to consume better while keeping the very essence of the almond. I couldn't find what I was looking for on the shelves and I didn't understand why it was so difficult to find simple products.

So I decided to make my own almond milk. After several attempts I finally found the perfect taste. The product pleased my loved ones so much that it motivated me to market it to offer everyone what our body and our palate deserve.

It was in 2019 that the idea of Bek & Veggie was born with a fervent desire to create an alternative to what is available on the market. We are convinced that it is possible to combine indulgence and healthy living.

It is with these values that Bek & Veggie was created. We produce, manufacture and market 100% organic and natural food products. Indeed, they do not contain any superficial ingredients. These are only fresh and organic products including 17% almonds, the highest content on the market. The almonds and dates come from South Carolina and Italy respectively

Thank you for joining this incredible adventure!

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